Autumn 2020

Information Guidelines – Across many industries, the trend in recent years has been all about the manufacturing of ever-smaller mechanical, optical and electronic products and devices. Read on to learn more about how reducing product size impacts optical design and performance.
ViewPoint – Learn how incorporating specially designed and application optimised optics in your product not only gives you security of supply but can also improve product performance thereby increasing your competitiveness.
Technology Forum – Introduces a new optically corrected zoom lens design that vastly reduces the moving parts of a zoom lens to just a single push pull movement.
Design Focus – To avoid optical systems going out of focus at higher operating temperatures you must carefully consider the differing rate of expansion of components and air spaces.
Project News – In this issue we report upon a ‘HD aerial surveillance camera’ and a ‘Satellite-based UHD video camera’ that have benefitted from specialist lenses designed and supplied by Resolve Optics.
Hot Off The Press – We report on the steps being taken to safeguard our production and testing staff, plus how video conferencing is helping customer communications during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Last Word

– With conferences and exhibitions likely to be postponed until well into 2021 we discuss how to source critical photonics information during the pandemic.

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Summer 2019

Information Guidelines – Lenses are arguably the most important part of your camera, sensor or optical instrument set-up, they make or break your image quality. Read on to learn more about the importance of correctly specifying your lens system.
ViewPoint – When looking for a suitable lens for an optical application it is not uncommon for companies to spend considerable time searching through off-the-shelf lenses in pursuit of a least cost’ option. This article discusses the advantages of a design conception to production optics supply partner.
Technology Forum – Using lenses optimised for the SWIR wavelength band offers unique advantages for a growing number of imaging applications that have been previously poorly served by general visible or infrared optics.
Design Focus – Dating back over 20 years, we have established an international reputation for designing and producing high performance industrial endoscopes. So what can an industrial endoscope do for you?
Project News – In this issue we report upon a ‘Radiation hard vision system’ and a ‘Point and shoot thermal imaging camera’ that have benefitted from specialist lenses designed and supplied by Resolve Optics.
Hot Off The Press – We introduce an exciting new social media video concept to share information with you, as well as updating you on our quality accreditations and taking payments in multiple currencies facility.
The Last Word

– Article review ‘Using photonics to save the planet’.

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Autumn 2018

Information Guidelines – Even using the most sophisticated design and manufacturing techniques, lenses and optical systems can vary in quality. What benefits do the new generation of automated lens testing systems bring to you?
ViewPoint – A recent industry interview discusses are off-the-shelf optics always the best choice for process applications and what advantages are there to optimised bespoke lenses.
Technology Forum – In the 21st century many different types of optical imaging and sensing systems are used to observe and measure the Earth and the Universe at large. What are the important considerations when designing optics for space projects?
Product Focus – We introduce the new Model 363 focus corrected SWIR lens for inspection and material sorting as well as discussing covert surveillance lenses.
Project News – How are motorised zoom lens being used in motor racing and how are defence contractors benefiting from designed for purpose lenses?
Hot Off The Press – We introduce you to the Resolve Optics Lens range eBrochure and the how the new video teleconferencing facility is benefiting customers.
The Last Word

– Book Review of ‘Optics for Dummies’

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Spring 2018

Information Guidelines – Given the diverse range of sensor formats and different resolutions available in machine vision cameras, the number of lens options is vast. This informative feature introduces the key considerations when selecting a lens for machine vision.
Technology Forum – In an interview with IEN Europe Magazine, Mark Pontin describes non-browning lens development to cope with the demands of the nuclear industry.
Product Focus – To realise the full potential of recent development in Infrared (IR) camera, sensor and instrument technology, the need for very high performance, high-resolution or large format IR lenses and lens systems that meet the exact needs of that device is critical.
Project News – Resolve Optics receives EU award to help develop ultra large format surveillance system.
Project News – Resolve Optics develops an endoscope system capable of high temperature / pressure inspection within a gas turbine engine.
Hot Off The Press – The social media hub on the Resolve Optics website is here to provide followers with a taste of the distinct personality of our lens design and manufacture business.
Hot Off The Press – Resolve Optics takes protection of your personal data very seriously. With evolving data protection laws.
Hot Off The Press – Resolve Optics has published a new data sheet for its ground breaking Model 357 Nuclear 10x zoom lens.
The Last Word – Photonics-based research to test limits of quantum theory.
The Last Word

– How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Power/Energy Sensor.

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Spring 2017

ViewPoint – Standard Versus Non-Browning: what should you consider before selecting a lens for an application subject to radiation
Project News – Providing a Clearer View of Nuclear Reprocessing Plants
Information Guidelines – Athermalisation Explained
Technology Forum – Challenges in Designing Lenses for Megapixel Cameras
New Product Focus – Radiation Resistant HD Zoom Lens for 1/3-inch Sensors
New Product Focus – Affordable Ultra Compact HD Zoom Lens
Case Study – Ultra-Compact HD Lens Helps Monitor the Ocean Depths
Global Optics News – Steady Growth for Optical Coatings
Global Optics News – Photonics Industry Salary Report
Hot Off The Press – Wide Angle Adapter for 3-Chip HD Lens
Hot Off The Press

– Guide to Radiation Resistant Lenses

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Autumn 2016

ViewPoint – The Benefits Of Working with a UK Optical Design and Manufacturing Company
Project News – Successful Visual Inspection of the Space Station Robot Arm
Information Guidelines – Quick Tips To Aid Specifying A Lens
Technology Forum – Considerations In Selecting A Lens Adapter
New Product Focus – Flexible Format Radiation Resistant Lens
New Product Focus – Fixed Focus Lenses for Thermal Imaging
Case Study – Bespoke Lens Enables Precision Radiotherapy
Case Study – Smart Ballistics System Detects Muzzle Flashes
Global Optics News – Germany reports record sales of machine vision systems
Global Optics News – Novel Lens Delivers Controlled Doses of Medicine
Global Optics News – Photonics Market Expected to Reach $724 Billion
Hot Off The Press

– Optics: Light, Color, and Their Uses

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Spring 2016

Technology Forum 1 – White Paper: Sensor Resolution versus Lens Resolution
Technology Forum 2 – White Paper: Are Off-the-Shelf Optics Always the Best Solution?
Information Guidelines – Setting Up a Tracking Zoom Lens for Optimum Performance
ViewPoint – Competitive Edge
Product Focus 1 – Wide Angle Adapter for 3CCD HD Cameras
Product Focus 2 – Close-Up Inspection in High Radiation Environments
Case Study – Improving the View From Above
Competition – Winner of a High Definition Z10 Motorised Zoom Lens
Global Optics News – Robotic Vision Market Worth 5.18 Billion USD by 2020
Global Optics News – Focus on Optics & Photonics
Global Optics News – Compact Camera Market Report
Hot Off The Press – Resolve Optics Achieves ISO 14001 Accreditation
Hot Off The Press

– Resolve Optics Appoint Production Manager

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Autumn 2015

ViewPoint – The Importance of Specifying Your Lens Correctly
Information Guidelines – Measuring the Resolution of a Lens / Lens System
Technology Forum – Why High Resolution Cameras/Sensors Require Multi Element Lenses
Product Focus – Model 346: a Radiation-Hard Lens for Colour Sensors
Case Study – Enabling High Speed UV Imaging
Global Optics News – Making 3D Objects Disappear
– Global photonics trade to hit $182 billion
– German Photonics Industry Report
Hot off the Press – Resolve Optics launches new device ‘responsive’ website
– Major Order for Radiation Resistant Zoom Lenses


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Spring 2015

ViewPoint – OEM optical design & manufacturing… a waste of money or a time-saving
route to an optimised solution?
ViewPoint – Lens or camera: where best to spend your money?
Information Guidelines – The importance of keeping lens clean to ensure best performance
Technology Forum – Radiation resistant lenses for applications outside the nuclear industry
Product Focus – Custom SWIR lenses for inspection, sorting & quality control
Case Study – Wide angle zoom lens adapter delivers true benefits of teleconferencing
Case Study – What happens when a manufacturer decides to discontinue a lens?
Global Optics News – Some topical breaking news items relating to the photonics / imaging industry
Hot off the Press

– Video introduction to OEM design & manufacturing services

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Winter 2014

Technology Forum – Six Tips to help you specify a lens for your vision application
Product Focus – Custom Lenses for Demanding Vision Applications
– High performance thermal imaging lens
ViewPoint – If your Application is subject to thermal variation – should you be
considering an athermalised lens ?
Case Study 1 – Space Ready Zoom Lenses
Case Study 2 – Deep Sea Observation Camera Lenses
Information Guidelines – An occasional ‘How To’ feature from the technical team at Resolve Optics
Global Optics News – Some topical breaking news items relating to the photonics / imaging industry
Hot off the Press

– Resolve Optics invest in a new exhibition stand display

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Summer 2014

Technology Forum – Designing optical systems for high temperature environments
Product Focus – Specialist infrared (IR) lenses
Q60 Second Quiz… – test your optics knowledge
ViewPoint – Optical design: Chicken or the egg ?
Case Study – Close cooperation provides integrated solutions for nuclear monitoring
Hot off the Press – New website launched
– In the pipeline
VISION 2014…

– book the dates

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Autumn 2013

Technology Forum – Designed for Purpose Military Lenses
Product Focus – Remote Inspection Of Harsh Environments
Quick Survey – Which Conferences / Exhibitions Will You Attend In 2014 ?
ViewPoint – Replacing Hard To Source and Obsolete Optical Components
Case Study 1 – Waterproofed Lens Adapter Enhances Outside Broadcast TV
Case Study 2 – Motorised Zoom Lens Helps Improve the Quality of Underwater Welding
Hot off the Press – Studying Ultra Fast UV Phenomena
– Z-10 HD Mini Zoom Lens Sales Climb


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Winter 2012/2013

Technology Forum – How demand for higher resolution affects optical design
Product Focus – The Model 207 – the world’s smallest close focusing zoom lens
Quick Survey – Product development: What do you think ?
ViewPoint – In tough economic times why should you develop products ?
– Securing the supply of critical optics in your system
Case Study – Creating the optical equivalent of Sherlock Holmes
Hot off the Press – High Definition zoom lens available in multiple formats
– Ultraviolet (UV) lenses
VISION Show report

– Is visiting exhibitions still a prioirity for you ?

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Spring 2012

Technology Forum – Does my application require radiation resistant lenses ?
New Product Focus – Looking for a compact HD zoom lens ?
Two Quick Surveys – What do you think ?
ViewPoint – White Paper: Are off-the-shelf optics always the best solution ?
Case Study – Process monitoring through 10 metres of water
Hot off the Press – iPhone application
– In-house vibration testing facility


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