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How Demand for Higher Resolution Affects Optical Design

To serve the broadcast TV and scientific communities - manufacturers are looking to develop a new generation of 2k (HD), 4k (Ultra HD) and 8k sensors. As pixel sizes are currently as small as technology allows the only way that sensor resolution can be increased is to have more pixels on a larger sensor therefore a 4K sensor must be twice the size of a 2k sensor and 8k sensor has to be four times the size of a 2k sensor. So in reality, the resolution of the pixels has not increased there are just more of them in a larger area.

The implications for developing new optics for this next generation of high definition sensors is a matter of scale. For example if you have used a 25mm focal length f/2 lens to produce the correct pixel size for a 2k sensor you will need a 50mm f/2 lens for a 4k sensor to keep the angles of view the same. In order to maintain the aperture the new lens for the 4k sensor must also double in size. These simple laws of physics unfortunately cannot be avoided.

As sensor formats increase in size there are less and less off-the-shelf prime lenses available and custom designs will be required.

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Product Focus

The Model 207 - the world's smallest close focusing zoom lens.

Customer desire for cameras, sensors and optical instruments to become ever smaller yet retain their flexibility and optical performance looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. In a world where the laws of physics limit what lenses can deliver the Model 207 motorised miniature zoom ticks all the boxes in terms of physical size, performance and operational flexibility.

Designed for use with miniature CCTV cameras - variations of the Model 207 have opened up new applications in areas including industrial inspection and control, surveillance, robotics and scientific analysis. But why ?

Measuring just 50 x 34 x 31 millimeters the Model 207 is the smallest stand alone zoom lens commercially available. The small size of the lens coupled with its high resolution image tracking and unmatched bore sight accuracy opens the door to producing better results from existing measurements and opening up applications not previously possible.

Small yet powerful the f/2.8 Model 207 can focus on an object at infinity right down to one positioned just 35 millimeters in front of the lens. Using this unique close focus capability the Model 207 is the perfect lens for macroapplications as it allows an object to be shown in fine detail at a very enlarged size on a TV monitor.

Might the Model 207 or a varient of it be of interest to you ?

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Quick Survey: What Do You Think ?

Your chance to influence Resolve Optics product development

Now is your chance to relate to Resolve Optics your ‘wish list’ for new lens or optical system product development into an area that will benefit your organisation.

We are looking to develop a new product that will advance the capabilities of what is currently available off-the-shelf and have broad appeal. Please send us your views of the features / specifications / capabilities of your desired new product by clicking the button and completing the form.

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In Tough Economic Times – Why Should You Develop Products

While your accountant may say otherwise – times of recession, when competition is highest for fewer orders, is the best time to develop and introduce new products. Products should be developed to accommodate customers as they become more discerning and savvy within a market, which results in them changing their minds and needs. Reasons for developing a new product include helping outpace the competition, responding to environmental threats and opportunities and accommodating technological changes. Extending your products capabilities prevents sameness and customer boredom, opens up new application possibilities as well enabling a mature product to extend its life-cycle.

A proven way of developing an existing camera, sensor or optical instrument is to enhance its performance with a new optimized lens. For over 20 years – Resolve Optics has provided innovative OEM design and manufacture of production quantities of optimized lenses and lens systems to strict quality and target price guidelines.

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Securing the supply of critical optics in your system

The last thing you need with a core product, that is generating good income for you, is to find that a lens you have selected to deliver its optical performance is being discontinued. It unfortunately happens with alarming regularity. If you need the optical system in your product to have a long production life and it utilises an off the shelf or a standard lens - how do you guarantee that the lens will always be available?

The answer is that unless you are in a position to purchase a large enough quantity to keep the manufacturer interested – you can’t.

For the many organisations that require between 50 and 500 lenses per year often the only way to secure the supply of a critical lens is to gain ownership of the design through commissioning an optimised custom design. A custom design will likely cost more than the off the shelf lens but you will have a lens that exactly meets your requirements and most importantly will be available for as long as you require the lens.

Discover how Resolve Optics can help you secure the supply of a critical optical system for your product.

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Case Study

Creating the Optical Equivalent of Sherlock Holmes

The scenes of many crimes involving firearms, where spent cartridge cases are the only evidence recovered, has traditionally posed a particular challenge for forensic scientists.

Working closely with scientists and engineers at Consolite Forensics Ltd. – Resolve Optics developed a custom UV-Visible lens to optimise the performance of their Cartridge Electrostatic Recovery and Analysis (CERA) system. The revolutionary CERA technology is now able to extract fingerprints from discharged cartridge cases, not visible by any other means.

Case Study   Specialist Lens Design Service


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High Definition Zoom Lens Available In Multiple Formats

The Z10-HD is a compact high definition zoom lens designed to deliver the full capabilities of a new generation of HD camera systems.

Now available in 2/3-inch, 1/3-inch and 1/3-inch 3-chip CCD formats the Z10-HD lens provides users with HD resolution throughout its range of operation. The motorised 10x HD zoom lens is typically half the size and much lighter (< 500g) than other comparable zoom lenses. The high performance f/1.8, 10x tracking zoom on the Z10-HD ensures the image stays in focus throughout the zoom travel by utilising floating cell technology. The Z10-HD is also able to focus upon objects as close as 450mm from the lens. For further information please click here.

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Ultraviolet (UV) Lenses

Lenses that offer optimal performance in the Ultraviolet (UV) region (10-400nm) are of increasing interest to camera, sensor and optical instrument manufacturers looking to expand the applications reach of their products.

Over the last 15 years – Resolve Optics has designed and supplied both custom and off-the-shelf fixed focus and zoom UV lenses enabling precise measurements in astronomy, art authentication, electronics, fire detection, forensics, law enforcement, medical, non-destructive testing, nuclear inspection, spectrophotometry and sterilisation applications. For further information about Resolve Optics UV lenses please click here.

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Vision Show 2012

...is visiting exhibitions still a prioirity for you?

November 2012 marked Resolve Optics fourth attendance at the VISION show in Stuttgart. Viewed to be Europe’s leading machine vision exhibition the organisers this year chose the larger Hall 1 for the first time which meant all exhibitors were in one hall. Though the atmosphere of the show was different to previous years – visitor numbers were up overall and interest in our expanded range of Z-10 HD zoom lens considerable !

Do you set aside the time to visit exhibitions and conferences related to your job ? Traditionally many customers have favoured the face-to-face contact they could make with a range of suppliers and networking opportunities with their peer group as the key reasons for attending such events. But with the ready availability of information over the internet and the squeeze on many organisations travelling budgets is attending exhibitions still a priority for you ?

We welcome your feedback on this topic and which exhibitions / conferences you intend to visit in 2013 / 2014.

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