Product Introduction

Over the years, Resolve Optics Ltd. have developed market leading expertise in a range of application areas.

Drawing upon a considerable reservoir of innovative designs, we are able to supply cost effective lenses and optical modules that share the high performance and professional look, feel and quality that our specialist OEM products have become renowned for.

Zoom LensesZoom Lenses
High resolution, compact optical zoom lenses with focus tracking throughout the zoom range…More Information

Optical ModulesOptical Modules

The term Optical Module can be used to describe a system of optical components that does more than transmit a single image…More Information

UV-IR, SWIR LensesUV, IR & SWIR Lenses

Ultraviolet lenses can often be very expensive and it can be difficult to find a lens that meets your specific needs…More Information

Non Browning LensesRadiation Resistant Lenses

Resolve Optics has developed a range of radiation resistant (Non Browning) lenses for use in radioactive environments…More Information

Lens AdaptersLens Adapters

Lens adapters are used as additional lenses to change the field of view or image format…More Information

Other LensesOther Lenses

Optical Lenses are used in just about every industry throughout the world…More Information