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Sensor Resolution Versus Lens Resolution

This informative new white paper from Resolve Optics addresses the often misunderstood considerations when selecting an optimum lens for your digital camera or sensor. The ability of a lens to resolve detail is usually determined by the quality of the lens but is ultimately limited by diffraction. It is commonly thought that the resolution of a lens should match or exceed the Nyquist resolution of the sensor that it has been selected to work with, in order to achieve optimum performance. This is a common misconception. Download…

Ultraviolet Technology Aids Forensic Investigation

A specialised UV/visible lens records complete crime scenes and high resolution close up fingerprints for analysis and evidence.¬†First published in EuroPhotonics. Download…

White Papers

Are off-the-shelf optics always the best solution ?

Resolve Optics has published a new white paper that compares the benefits to organisations of sourcing ‘off-the-shelf’ lenses with specialist lenses that meet the exact needs of their application. Download…

Technical Note

Best Practices for Ensuring Lens Performance

In this occasional ‘How To’ feature, the technical team at Resolve Optics provide you with useful instructions, hints and tips to assist you in your daily work. Continue…