Advantages of a Design Conception to Production Optics Supply Partner

Video TeleconferencingWhen looking for a suitable lens for an optical application it is not uncommon for companies to spend considerable time searching through potential off the shelf lenses to try and find what is deemed to be a “Least Cost” option.  However, by their very nature, off-the-shelf optics are designed to provide a generic solution to a wide-ranging application to maximise the number that can be sold. As a consequence, for your specific application an off the shelf lens will at best provide a compromise in terms of performance, size and capabilities.  Another consideration with using an off the shelf lens in your instrument, sensor or camera product is that you have limited control over how long before it is made obsolete by the supplier.

Over the last 20+ years Resolve Optics has developed the expertise and experience to be able to evaluate an application to determine and propose an optimised optical solution that delivers your product objectives. As optical designers and manufacturers we are though constrained by the laws of Physics! In these cases, we will always advise what is and isn’t possible and explain why and then offer the best solution that is both cost effective and manufacturable.
To make the process of finding an optimised optical solution as easy and cost effective as possible is why we offer a complete start to finish service. Not only can we provide expert optical and mechanical design consultancy, but we can also manufacture and qualify prototypes as well as testing and supplying production quantities of your finished lenses and optical assemblies.

To safeguard your investment, once you have a lens that is designed and supplied by Resolve Optics, that lens will be available for as long as you require it.  This provides you with guaranteed security of supply.  Depending on the quantity you require per year you can also have design exclusivity, meaning nobody else can purchase your lens and you have secured that all important competitive edge that is not possible when selecting an ‘off-the-shel’ lens.

The perception of many engineers and scientists we meet is that custom designs are probably an expensive option.  Yes, you may pay a little more initially but not as much as you may expect.  Resolve Optics does not charge for a conversation. Most of the time we do not even charge for the cost of the design.  We are more interested in a long-term partnership with our customers rather than a short-term gain.

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