New MRP System helps Improve Production Planning

MRP SystemResolve Optics is always looking for ways of establishing and maintaining strong relationships with its customers. As part of this continuous process, we invested in and implemented a new Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) system in 2020. We asked purchasing administrator – Rob Watkinson the key areas that customers were benefiting from the MRP system. He said “Better handling of serial numbers by the MRP makes it easier for us to trace any given serial number back to its sales order and works order. This Improved traceability makes it much easier to trace all of the components that went into any given works order. We now also have better metrics for tracking on time delivery which allows us to keep on top of our purchase orders insuring that goods arrive on time at our customers. In our new MRP set-up, additional warehousing features allowing production and sales staff to create demand for items to be picked, shipped and put away all from within the system. This has eliminated the need to print out pick lists reducing our environmental footprint as well as increasing efficiency within the company. Finally, we have established a much more comprehensive “bin” system which gives us much more flexibility when storing materials in our stores as well as making it easier to locate them again speeding up the pick and put away process. All in all, our MRP system has improved our efficiency in many areas which has enabled us to improve our customer service despite the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic over the last year”.

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