Other Market Sectors

Medical, Forensic, Aviation marketsOver the years, Resolve Optics Ltd. has gained background knowledge of a range of other applications including:-

  • Medical: e.g. a stereo zoom lens for remote surgery applications.
  • Forensic: e.g. a compact zoom UV/ visible lens for fingerprint capture and analysis.
  • Aviation: e.g. a zoom lens for a compact head-up display system.
  • Furnace: e.g. a high performance endoscope capable of working up to 950 degrees C.
  • Engraving: e.g. a telecentric f-theta laser scanning lens.

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Z10-HDCF Compact HD Zoom Lens

207-000 6-18mm f/2.8 3:1 Miniature Zoom Lens

207-001 6-18mm f/2.8 3:1 Motorised Miniature Zoom Lens

228-000 60mm f/3.5 UV Forensic Lens

318-000 80mm f/2 Infrared Objective Lens