In Tough Economic Times – Why Should You Develop Products

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While your accountant may say otherwise – times of recession, when competition is highest for fewer orders, is the best time to develop and introduce new products. Products should be developed to accommodate customers as they become more discerning and savvy within a market, which results in them changing their minds and needs. Reasons for developing a new product include helping outpace the competition, responding to environmental threats and opportunities and accommodating technological changes.

Develop new productExtending your products capabilities prevents sameness and customer boredom, opens up new application possibilities as well enabling a mature product to extend its life-cycle.

A proven way of developing an existing camera, sensor or optical instrument is to enhance its performance with a new optimized lens. For over 20 years – Resolve Optics has provided innovative OEM design and manufacture of production quantities of optimized lenses and lens systems to strict quality and target price guidelines.