Satellite payload undergoes vibration and classic shock testing.

Case Study 27

Recently our vibration test centre was used by Sen Corporation Limited to conduct sine sweeps and random vibration testing on their latest satellite payload.

Using our in-house ETS L215 Shaker, MPA101 amplifier and a DTS Venzo 800 controller the testing consisted of a low-level sine sweep, followed by a random vibration test, and finished with another low-level sine sweep. The three tests were conducted in the X, Y and Z axis.

The output data provided to Sen was in the format of a run status CVS file for each test that enabled the sine test results to be overlayed so that any changes caused by the random test could easily be identified.

Having invested in a this fully calibrated test vibration test centre is able to offer this important new service to its customers. We can currently provide Random, Random on Random, Sine and Classic Shock vibration testing for small test subjects of up to 30 kg depending on the level Grms required.

Learn more about vibration and shock testing: click here.




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