Ruggedised lenses for operating in harsh environments

Compact Rugged Head-Up Display Camera LensIn recent years – Resolve Optics has developed several ruggedised lenses for material sorting applications where the lenses must routinely withstand constant vibration and airborne particulates.

In the Nuclear industry we are a leading supplier of radiation resistant fixed focus and zoom lens for remote inspection of power plant and reprocessing areas. These lenses not only need to withstand elevated levels of radiation but also at times heat. In a military scenario – operators demand much higher reliability than for commercial products.

Resolve Optics MIL-SPEC lenses have much higher life expectancy than regular commercial grade lenses. The defective rate must also be extremely low. Producing a lens or lens system for military use requires careful consideration of its resistance to vibration, shock, temperature, and water ingress in addition to ensuring high reliability and top performance.

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