Rugged UV Lenses Key to Smart Ballistics Detection System

Case Study 17

An automatic return fire system or gunfire locator is a system that detects, conveys and automatically returns a ballistic response to the location of gunfire or other weapon fire using optical sensors.

In order to provide a 360° view enabling their system to detect the UV emission from muzzle flashes, identify its location and return fire to that location automatically a military contractor turned to Resolve Optics to create an optimised lens. The design of the contractors automated return fire system required 8 identical mounted AR coated, 10.5mm diameter UV lenses be used in conjunction with a solar blind filter stack operating over a bandwidth of 240 to 280 nm. Ruggedly constructed this specialist f2.8 lens has been able to provide high resolution UV images from 10 metres to infinity with minimal distortion.

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