Justifying a custom lens for your optical product.

Justifying a custom lens for your optical product – Resolve OpticsWhen looking for optical components for your application the first port of call is often the off-the-shelf market, and quite rightly so. Off-the-shelf optical components offer advantages for optical system design, including typically shorter delivery times and lower costs.

Even from our own point of view, we do not want to waste a lot of time for no reason. If a suitable lens is available and that lens meets all your optical and environmental requirements, then why look further.

However, when an application optically requires something a little more demanding such as high performance, high-resolution, compactness or a large format image, using an off-the-shelf lens will force you to accept a compromise in one or more aspects of optical performance. The result of such compromises can be a reduction in optical performance, a bulkier less attractive product, shorter product life and loss of competitive advantage – all of which lead to lower profitability.

When justifying the typically higher cost of a custom design we recommend that you consider the many benefits of an application optimised optical system.

• You will be investing in an optical design that meets or exceeds your application requirements with no compromise.
• The mechanical design of your optical system can also be optimised to your application.
• You get exclusivity and hence competitive advantage.
• Security of supply is assured, for as long as you require the lens. We will never discontinue production while you still place batch orders. You have the peace of mind that you will not suddenly be forced to redesign your application due to a lens becoming obsolete.

These are a just few advantages that you get from a custom design. A custom design may not cost as much as you think. As an organisation committed to reproducibly producing top quality, application-optimised optical components, and systems for our customers – we operate to strict ISO9001 guidelines and invest in advanced testing equipment and our highly trained staff.

To learn more about the process of sourcing a custom optical system from Resolve Optics please visit https://www.resolveoptics.com/oem-design-manufacture/.