Rugged Lenses Improve Product Reliability

Ruggedized lensesResolve Optics Ltd has developed an international reputation for the design and supply of OEM quantities of custom rugged lenses for demanding military and civilian applications.

Driven by financial considerations some organisations, whose systems operate in demanding environments, may seek to incorporate non-ruggedised lenses and lens systems in the design of their products. However adopting such a strategy notably increases the possibility of failure of the product during its deployment.

Drawing upon over 20 years experience – Resolve Optics Ltd. works closely with each customer to ensure that the optical and mechanical design exactly meets the application requirements. Working with a wide range of optical materials – Resolve Optics Ltd has produced ruggedised lenses designed and tested to meet and exceed specified environmental tests such as Def Stan 00-35 which includes vibration, shock and bump testing over a temperature range of -40° to +70° C. Lens optical coatings can be applied to meet a range of MIL Spec standards (including MIL-C-14806, MIL-C-675, MIL-M-13508) to ensure the coatings do not craze, peel or even succumb to fungal attack. To minimise the risk of condensation our lenses are assembled in a dry nitrogen atmosphere to ensure that each lens is supplied dry and free of moisture.

Benefiting from an experienced team of optical designers – Resolve Optics Ltd. is able to quickly gain an understanding of the basic physics of the technology associated with each customer’s product enabling a novel, optimised and affordable solution to be proposed. The company goal is to provide a fast and flexible optical and mechanical design assessment on all projects. A project engineer is assigned to closely liase with customers at all points of a development to ensure complete satisfaction with the final ruggedised lens or optical system. Resolve Optics Ltd. employs the latest in Computer Aided 3D modelling along with many years experience in the design and manufacture of specialist lenses and optical products. It is here that quality and reliability are designed into all ruggedised lens and optical systems. Advanced optical manufacturing and CNC machining technology is used to produce high quality components. In assembly, experienced workers build complete assemblies with care and attention to detail. All ruggedised lens products are exhaustively tested before leaving our factory to ensure your complete satisfaction. It is this blend of skills, experience and flexibility that have established Resolve Optics Ltd. as a leading manufacturer of OEM quantities of ruggedised lenses and optical products for a significant and growing portfolio of military and civilian customers.

For further information on design and manufacture of rugged custom lenses and optical systems please contact Resolve Optics Ltd. on +44-1494-777100 or email