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Z10-HDCF Compact HD Zoom Lens
304-000 4-40 mm f/2.2 Compact 3-Chip HD
207-000 6-18 mm f/2.8 3:1 Miniature Zoom Lens
207-001 6-18 mm f/2.8 3:1 Motorised Miniature Zoom Lens
200-000 8-24 mm f/2.8 3:1 Non-Browning Zoom Lens
200-001 8-24 mm f/2.8 3:1 Motorised Non-Browning Lens
192-000 12-72 mm f/1.8 6:1 Non-Browning Zoom Lens
290-000 12-72 mm f/1.8 6:1 Motorised Non-Browning Zoom Lens
192-001 24-144 mm f/3.6 6:1 Range extended Non-Browning Zoom Lens

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