214-000   6mm f/2 Non Browning Fixed Focus Lens

Non-Browning Radiation Resistant Fixed Focus LensThe 6mm focal length Non-Browning Model 214 delivers high image resolution (f2) and minimal geometric distortion from 400-750nm. Manufactured to the highest standards, from cerium doped glass, these new lenses are able to withstand radiation exposure of up to 100kGy (100,000,000 rads) and temperatures up to 55°C without discoloration.

Non-Browning Radiation Resistant Lenses

Designed specially for a 2/3″ format. All Resolve Optics radiation resistant non-browning lenses are made from 100% radiation hard materials. Special glass is used to avoid browning or discoloration when exposed to radiation.


  • 2/3″ format
  • 85° field of view
  • Iris control


  • Nuclear power stations
  • Nuclear reprocessing plants
  • Nuclear waste storage plants