Cleanroom facility for lens assembly – Resolve OpticsResolve Optics, a leading designer and supplier of application optimised lenses and optical systems has announced the opening of new cleanroom facilities at its Chesham, UK headquarters. The investment provides an ISO 6 clean room (Class 1000) environment within the work areas used for assembly of lenses, optical systems, and modules.

Mark Pontin, Managing Director of Resolve Optics said “We are constantly looking at ways of improving our product quality. As part of this ongoing program of continuous improvement we have just completed a major refurbishment of our clean room. In addition to installing a new, higher specification air circulation / filtration system, we have also installed new optical assembly benches with easy clean surfaces throughout the production facility. Through investing in a better, cleaner area we are looking to further improve the quality of lenses and optical systems to comply with the most demanding requirements of customers in the aerospace, defence, medical and nuclear industries”.

He added “Key to the quality of the lenses and optical systems we produce is our skilled and experienced team. Extensively trained and with a keen understanding of the delicacies of optical assembly, our team ensures that every component assembled in our cleanroom facility meets strict quality requirements. The new cleanroom area also provides a particulate free environment for the final inspection of products. This ensures that all lenses and optical systems leave Resolve Optics in the best possible condition, ready to deliver top performance for our customers”.

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