To provide an optimised solution for a surveillance camera manufacturer – Resolve Optics has developed a custom lens capable of producing both clear daytime and night vision images.

Camera lens provides switchable day / night vision operationRob Watkinson, sales manager at Resolve Optics said “Our customer’s requirement was for a lens capable of focusing on 2 separate image planes serving different wavebands and be able to rapidly switch between them. One waveband being used for daylight operation and the other for night vision. Our team of engineers and designers came up with a novel optical solution that uses a combination of motors and photo interrupters to quickly drive the lens from one focus position to another. The lens was also equipped with a motorised iris to allow fast remote adjustment of the aperture to help compensate for the very different optimal lighting conditions during the day and at night time”.

The new motorised lens has been shown in operation to produce clear, sharp images with great colour reproduction, low noise and minimal distortion.

Managing Director of Resolve Optics, Mark Pontin added “With decades of experience we are uniquely placed to design and develop custom optical lenses for a wide range of imaging applications no matter what the format or required resolution”.

He added “When developing a new custom lens, we take the demands of your application into account from the very beginning. We can optimise lens performance for a certain working distance, over a specific waveband and design a lens to camera mount to exactly meet your requirements. Resolve Optics has also worked with customers to produce specialist imaging lenses that provide wide fields of view with little or no distortion and compact lens designs where the target application is space limited. Our imaging lenses can also be athermalized and ruggedised to withstand the harshest environments. To ensure security of supply, Resolve Optics will guarantee that your custom imaging lenses will be available for as long as they are required”.

For further information on a high performance lens optimised for your application please contact Resolve Optics on +44-1494-777100 /

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