Resolve Optics Model 396 Beamsplitter Module

8-channel beamsplitter module for SIM camera

Resolve Optics reports that it has designed and supplied new 8-channel and 16-channel beam splitter optical modules to Specialised Imaging (Pitstone, UK) for the next generation of their SIM multi-channel framing camera.

The SIM family of ultra-high-speed cameras are used in leading research laboratories around the world. They are capable of capturing up to 32 images at 1 billion frames per second and proven to be able to capture visual data from even the most fleeting of phenomena.

Managing Director of Specialised Imaging – Wai Chan commented “We were looking to upgrade the design of our SIM multi-channel framing camera to meet the expected higher performance demands from our customers in the next couple of years. As a part of this review, we decided a new multi-channel beam splitter optical module that could deliver better performance than the current model was a key factor. To meet the design goals for our new SIM camera we specified that the beam splitter optical module should be compact, with a system aperture of f2.8 giving us up to 16 channels with a 17mm viewport on each channel. Added to this already challenging design specification we stated that the new beam splitter optical module should also be able to incorporate high quality, user changeable filters that would allow our next generation SIM cameras to satisfy the expanding market demand for high-speed hyperspectral imaging. Having worked with Resolve Optics previously on design and development of key optics for our camera systems we again turned to them for this demanding project. I am very pleased to say that the Resolve Optics team has risen to the challenge and designed a beam splitter optical module that meets all of our specifications”.

Specialised Imaging SIM multi-channel framing camera

Specialised Imaging SIM multi-channel framing camera (courtesy: Specialised Imaging)

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Drawing upon a considerable reservoir of innovative designs, Resolve Optics are able to quickly design and supply application optimised optical modules that deliver the high performance, professional look and top quality that you seek.

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