Purpose Military Lenses

Specialist lenses integrated into an aerospace camera system.

Resolve Optics is a leading supplier of bespoke lenses and optical systems that offer many advantages over regular off-the-shelf commercial grade optics for use in environmentally challenging aerospace, industrial and military applications.

Producing a lens or optical system for aerospace, industrial or military use requires careful consideration of its resistance to vibration, shock, temperature and water ingress in addition to ensuring high reliability and top performance.

Designing lenses to survive and maintain a quality of image and mechanical movement in challenging environments is not something you can leave to theoretical analysis alone, it also requires a level of physical testing as well. The majority of customers, that require a lens or optical system to survive the rigors of a space launch, the challenges of monitoring an industrial process insitu or operation on the uneven terrain of a battlefield will want to put their system through rigorous environmental testing to minimise the possibility of failure in operation.

Environmental testing for vibration, shock, water, dust, temperature, pressure etc. is extremely expensive so for Resolve Optics it is imperative that we take every precaution possible to ensure our lenses and optical systems are designed to withstand each customer’s environmental specification. This requires us to use the stress analysis tools in our 3D CAD software to identify and design out any areas of weakness. Once we have a design that is as rugged as possible we will then test the lens on our in-house vibration and shock test equipment. Using the correct vibration profile enables us to simulate the conditions the lens will need to survive.

High Temperature Endoscope

Endoscope system built to withstand the high temperature and pressure of an industrial process.

Producing a rugged lens or optical system optimised to your environmentally challenging application is a complex task. However, drawing upon over 20 years of experience – Resolve Optics optical, mechanical and electronic engineers and designers have a proven track record of producing top quality, robust fixed focus and zoom lenses, industrial endoscopes and high-performance optical systems.

Sourcing environmentally robust lenses and optical systems – custom designed by Resolve Optics for use in challenging applications is enabling a growing number of aerospace, industrial and military contractors improve the reliability and performance of their products.

To confidentially discuss the requirements of a key lens or optical system for your product that will be used in an environmentally challenging application please contact Resolve Optics on +44-1494-777100 or email sales@resolveoptics.com.

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