Visual Inspection in Nuclear Environments

Resolve Optics lens assembly in camera for monitoring nuclear waste facilities.

Resolve Optics reports on how its non-browning lenses are helping a specialist camera manufacturer to supply a turnkey solution for monitoring remote operations in high radiation environments.

For the high radiation environments experienced in Nuclear Power stations, Nuclear fuel recycling plant and high energy physics facilities, conventional TV cameras and lenses have a very short life due to radiation damage. Cameras and lenses specifically designed for such environments can operate for 10,000 times longer.

Tony Moon of Custom Cameras Ltd (Wells, UK) said “Our radiation resistant cameras are used in a growing number applications within the Nuclear power industry and large scale physics facilities. In designing cameras for these applicactions, we have to consider the tolerance to radiation of all components as well as the overall design. A key component of this radiation resistant camera system is the lens. We choose to use fixed focus and zoom non-browning lenses from Resolve Optics because of their in-depth knowledge of the requirements of optics used in a nuclear environment, willingness and ability to adapt designs to suit customer requirements, excellent technical support and competitive pricing”.

Radioactive Waste Processing

Illustration of a nuclear fuel cycle facility.

For further information on non-browning lenses being used in environments subject to radiation please visit or contact Resolve Optics Ltd. on +44-1494-777100 or

For further information on specialist camera systems for operating in hostile environments please visit or contact Custom Cameras Ltd on +44-1749-870066.

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