A major determinant of demand for a company’s exports is the price of those exports relative to the prices of international competitors. The 10-20% fall in the value of the Pound Sterling versus the US Dollar and the Euro, following the UK’s vote to exit the European Union, presents organisations worldwide with a cut price opportunity to benefit from the OEM lens design and manufacture expertise of Resolve Optics Ltd.

Based in Chesham, UK we have for over 20 years helped high technology businesses to source the exact precision optical lens assembly for their next product design. Drawing upon the expertise of our in-house optical designers and application engineers, we are able to deliver an optimal lens solution by addressing all of your design considerations – from specifications, to budget, through to a delivery timetable. Designing optics optimised to give your product that all important competitive edge often requires also meeting demanding mechanical and electrical requirements. With comprehensive experience of the Nuclear, Aerospace, Automotive and Defence industries – we are well versed in producing high performance opto-mechanical assemblies and associated electronics that meet the demands of these exacting market sectors.

Never has it been such a good time to source a high-performance specialist lens or optical system from the UK. For further information please visit www.resolveoptics.com/oem-design-manufacture/

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