High ResolutionDriven by demand from the broadcast TV and scientific communities in particular – manufacturers are developing a new generation of 2k (HD), 4k (Ultra HD) and 8k sensors. As pixel sizes are currently as small as technology allows the only way that sensor resolution can be increased is to have more pixels on a larger sensor therefore a 4K sensor must be twice the size of a 2k sensor and 8k sensor has to be four times the size of a 2k sensor. So in reality, the resolution of the pixels has not increased there are just more of them in a larger area.

The implications for developing new optics for this next generation of high definition sensors is a matter of scale. For example if you have used a 25mm focal length f/2 lens to produce the correct pixel size for a 2k sensor you will need a 50mm f/2 lens for a 4k sensor to keep the angles of view the same. In order to maintain the aperture the new lens for the 4k sensor must also double in size. These simple laws of physics unfortunately cannot be avoided.

As sensor formats increase in size there are less and less off-the-shelf prime lenses available and custom designs will be required.

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