Resolve Optics NewsletterResolve Optics has announced the Spring 2015 issue of ‘Lens Innovation’ an e-newsletter dedicated to the latest technological developments, applications advances and breaking news in optical design and manufacture.

This new issue of ‘Lens Innovation’ includes two viewpoint features. The first addresses the topic of OEM optical design and manufacturing – is it waste of money or a time-saving route to an optimised solution? The second viewpoint feature discusses the topical question that if you’re on a tight budget, should you spend more money on the lens or the camera you select for your application?

The Spring 2015 Technology Forum examines the growing demand for optical components stabilised against transmission loss caused by ionising radiation in medical research and space exploration. This feature cites examples of how Resolve Optics ‘non-browning’ lenses have helped organisations solve challenging problems in both these market areas.

Each issue of ‘Lens Innovation’ is compiled and written to provide instrument, camera and sensor system designers, as well as engineers and scientists, around the world with an update on the latest developments, new product introductions and applications advances to aid them in their work. Further features include a short guide on how to keep lenses clean to ensure best optical performance ; an introduction to SWIR lenses of inspection, sorting and quality control applications and a case study that describes how a Resolve Optics wide angle zoom lens adapter is helping a teleconferencing company deliver the true benefits of the communication medium.

To download a copy of the newsletter please visit or contact Resolve Optics Ltd. now on telephone +44-1494-777100 / email

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