Machine Vision

Machine VisionMachine vision is a wide and varied application that demands robust, compact lenses and optical systems that provide high resolution, good contrast and telecentricity. Resolve Optics Ltd has considerable experience of developing compact fixed and zoom lenses for vision applications including parts recognition, precise component placement, automated alignment and placement and automated inspection of manufactured components.

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Z10-HDCF Compact HD Zoom Lens

207-000 6-18mm f/2.8 3:1 Miniature Zoom Lens

207-001 6-18mm f/2.8 3:1 Motorised Miniature Zoom Lens

231-000 60mm f/3.5 UV Lens

235-000 30mm f/3.5 UV Lens

307-000 40mm f/2 Infrared Objective Lens

318-000 80mm f/2 Infrared Objective Lens

349-000 25mm f/1.4 SWIR Fixed Focus Lens