Nuclear Industry

Lenses for the nuclear industryThe nuclear industry requires lenses and optical systems that can withstand exposure to high levels of radiation and sometimes endure extreme temperatures. Resolve Optics Ltd has considerable experience of developing lenses and optical systems for applications in hazardous or difficult-access industrial environments. The Resolve Optics team has worked with leading companies in the nuclear industry to provide radiation-resistant, high performance solutions including non-browning lenses (focus and zoom), through-wall endoscopes as well as vision and remote inspection camera systems.

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214-000 6mm f/2 Non Browning Fixed Focus lens

280-000 25mm f/1.4 Non Browning Fixed Focus Lens

286-000 9mm f/2 Non Browning Fixed Focus Lens

200-000 8-24mm f/2.8 3:1 Non Browning Zoom Lens

200-001 8-24mm f/2.8 3:1 Motorised Non Browning Zoom Lens

192-000 12-72mm f/1.8 6:1 Non Browning Zoom Lens

192-001 24-144mm f/3.6 6:1 Range Extended Non Browning Zoom Lens

290-000 12-72mm f/1.8 6:1 Motorised Non Browning Zoom Lens