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Bespoke Infrared Optics for Demanding Applications

Resolve Optics is a leading designer and supplier of bespoke infrared optics, fixed focus and zoom lenses as well as beamsplitters that operate in the infrared (IR) region (1-14 microns). To realise the full potential of recent development in IR camera, sensor and...

Ultra Compact HD Zoom Lens

The Z10-HD zoom lens from Resolve Optics Ltd. is designed for machine vision, broadcast TV and CCTV applications that require top quality high definition images. The motorised 10x HD zoom lens is typically less than half the size and much lighter than other comparable...

Introduction to Radiation Resistant Lenses

Resolve Optics announces a new brochure that provides an informative introduction to radiation resistant optics, their capabilities, areas of use and specifications of standard lenses available off-the-shelf.

Custom OEM Lenses & Optomechanical Systems

For approaching 30 years, Resolve Optics has successfully developed many innovative, high performance lenses and optomechanical systems for our industry partners that require small or high volumes of their custom parts or anywhere in between.

Optimised Machine Vision Optical Components

Machine vision lens specialists – Resolve Optics Ltd. has announces that the main focus of its stand at VISION 2016 (Stuttgart, Germany) will be the company’s specialist lens development, design and manufacture service.