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Z10-HDCF Compact HD Zoom Lens

The new compact Z10-HDCF high definition zoom lens is ultra compact with dimensions of just 45 x 45 x 98.3 mm including the C-mount thread.

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120mm f/2 Infrared Objective Lens

The 320-000 is a high performance IR lens for the 8 – 14 nm waveband. This lens was designed specifically for commercial thermal imaging.

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6-18mm f/2.8 3:1 Miniature Zoom Lens

Smallest optical zoom lens with focus tracking available in the market place. High resolution images suitable for broadcast and machine vision applications.

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12-72mm f/1.8 6:1 Non-Browning Zoom Lens

Compact design radiation resistant non-browning zoom lens. All Resolve Optics radiation resistant non-browning lenses are made from 100% radiation hard materials.

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60mm f/3.5 UV Forensic Lens

Designed specifically for forensic RUVIS this is a full featured high performance UV lens.

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2.5mm f/5.6 Surveillance Lens

Designed to be used with 7mm diameter remote head cameras, this lens is very small yet produces a broadcast quality image.

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Resolve Optics Ltd has for over 20 years developed custom optical design and OEM quantity special lenses for small and large high technology businesses.

Our customers have benefited from our novel and economic optical solutions. Several are world leaders in their niche high technology markets. Resolve Optics has developed the rare capability to produce small quantities of high performance, mounted lenses with the professional look, feel and quality equivalent to the best professional photographic and broadcast TV lenses.


Rugged Lenses Improve Product Reliability
Resolve Optics Ltd has developed an international reputation for the design and supply of OEM quantities of custom rugged lenses for demanding military and civilian applications.
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Resolve Optics Appoint Production Manager…
Resolve Optics Ltd. announces that it has appointed Mr Peter Chamberlain to the newly created position of Production Manager.
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Krsko Nuclear Power Plant
Compact HD Zoom Lens to Help Monitor Nuclear Transients…
Resolve Optics reports that the application entry from the Krsko Nuclear Power Plant (Krsko, Slovenia) has been selected as the winner of its recent ‘Win a Z10 HD zoom lens’ competition.
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